“Star Wars: The Force Awakens” has grossed a record of around US$2 billion (approximately AU$2.8 billion), thanks to its healthy mixture of the old and new players in the film. While old characters like Han Solo, Leia and Chewbacca returned, it was the new trio led by Rey (Daisy Ridley), Finn (John Boyega) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) that stole the hearts of moviegoers the world over. All three characters had very good chemistry with each other. However, fans who have been shipping for Finn and Poe to become the first gay couple in the Star Wars universe might just have their wishes fulfilled, thinks John Boyega.

RadioTimes quotes Boyega as saying “you never know,” when asked if Finn and Poe could become more than just buddies in the future. “What’s so funny, I posted a video the other day of myself working out, skipping, and in the background Oscar is just like, ‘Yeah, baby go on!’ and people just went crazy,” the actor said.

However, Boyega pointed out that “The Force Awakens” director J.J. Abrams had told him that Finn and Poe’s relationship was that of friendship. “But as far as I’m concerned, when JJ [Abrams] sat us down to go through the script, it was a bromance,” he continued.

However, as we all know, Star Wars has surprised many in the past with surprising twists, like the reveal that Darth Vader is the father of Luke and Leia.

“But now I’m learning what Mark Hamill said before when he didn’t know that Darth Vader was Luke’s father: you never know what they’re going to pull. I’m looking at the director Rian [Johnson] closely so he can get me involved early, so I can prepare myself. So who knows?” Boyega said, hinting that such a twist could indeed occur.

In fact, director Rian Johnson himself had posted a cartoon on Twitter of Finn and Poe kissing, while Rey approves it. It remains to be seen whether Disney and Lucasfilm will actually concede to the demands of some fans or maintain the bromance.

In other news, there are rumours that Rey’s mother and Luke Skywalker’s wife may be featured in Star Wars Episode VIII. More details regarding such developments are expected to emerge as the release date of the film nears.