The “Star Wars 8” actress Daisy Ridley has been seen showing her Chinese martial arts skills in a recent video posted on Instagram.

Practicing her combating moves under the guidance of “Wushu fricking master” and stunt performer Liang Yang, Ridley appeared to hone her skills further.

In the clip, Ridley is swinging around a staff before jump-kicking Yang to the ground. Perhaps, the Brit beauty is preparing to reprise her role as Rey in Star Wars: Episode VIII, says IGN .

Check Out The Video Below Daisy Ridley Showing Her Martial Arts Skills:

However, it’s not clear whether or not the stunt training is just to bring Rey back on the silver screen. There are also a few speculations that Ridley might cast as new Lara Croft in an upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. Croft is a beautiful, intelligent, and athletic character from the video game series. Lately, the news is making the rounds that the 24-year-old is quite hopeful about bagging the English archaeologist-adventurer role.

The Star Wars 8 actor Daisy Ridley’s new Instagram Video Practicing Martial arts, Is Ridley preparing for Rey in Star Wars 8 or Lara Croft in next Tomb Raider?

Earlier this year, in an interview with Hollywood Reporter  at the Empire awards in London, the British actress confirmed that there “had been conversations” about her starring in the Tomb Raider reboot. The two previous parts of the series were made hit by American superstar Angelina Jolie. Thus, it can be believed the next Lara Croft star will have to meet and exceed the fans’ high expectations.

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“I’m waiting for someone to say ‘I want you, let’s do it’,” Ridley expressed. Ridley added that the script which is in its early stages, has yet to be completed,

Although currently busy shooting the eighth episode of Star Wars, Ridley said she would have time to work on the additional role, and potentially an entire new project if given the chance. “Absolutely, I’m trying to fill up my calendar,” she concluded.

Do you think Ridley will do justice to Lara Croft’s role in the next Tomb Raider sequel?