Film sets being shrouded in veils of secrecy nowadays is common knowledge to cinephiles especially since advances in technology allows people to leak information much faster than would have been possible before. Most of us are accustomed to seeing poor quality photos and videos taken by passersby or an anonymous insider, leaked on the internet. The production of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” was a very secretive one, with barely enough information being released to keep the anticipation alive. Things may not be as secretive with “Star Wars Episode VIII,” according to Daisy Ridley.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Daisy Ridley, who stars as the scavenger turned hero Rey in Lucasfilm’s “The Force Awakens,” spoke about a more relaxed atmosphere in “Star Wars Episode VIII.” “I think Rian actually wants to be a bit trickier with the little titbits of information that are going out, which is fun,” she said.

On being asked whether Rian Johnson intends to just tease the fans, Ridley said that the “Looper” director might be planning to give a bit more leeway in a fun manner than J.J. Abrams did. “I don’t know. I think the whole thing. Like obviously it worked really well for [Episode] VII. It’s wonderful to give people just a little bit,” Ridley said. She then drew attention to some of the photos posted by stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher of their chairs, which reveal the working title of the Disney film. “You can see, even with the way Mark and Carrie posted pictures with their chairs, it’s a little bit freer.”

Ridley also complimented those who cut the trailers, which did not reveal much anything about the plot, but had a lot of footage to keep fans hungry for more.

In the pre-digital and pre-smartphone days, not much information was available about a movie being shot. This was a boon because it made the premiere a special event. It made the theatre a special place where magic occurred, where secrets were to be discovered for the first time. The cinematic experience was more special and memorable as a result. Now, with too much demand for information and the leaks themselves, a lot of movies get spoiled and the magic woven by the filmmakers are lost.

Earlier last week, Daisy Ridley had revealed that the opening of “Star Wars Episode VIII” is the same as ending scene of Episode VII. Also, photos apparently from the Croatia set of Episode VIII in February leaked on the internet, showing set decorators transforming a cafe in Dubrovnik into an alien location.