It looks like the hype for Star Wars isn’t going to die any time soon, and it looks like Lucasfilm and Disney are hard at work to keep it alive. Both companies are busy expanding the Star Wars universe with canon books and comics to complement the new Star Wars films, which happens to be successful if you’ve been following how it’s faring at the moment. Now, it seems that we’re getting a brand new novel that entails General Leia Organa’s struggles and efforts to establish the New Republic, and Kylo Ren’s backstory will also be in tow.

Claudia Gray, author of the book entitled “Bloodlines,” explained in a press release that the new novel details Leia Organa’s rise from a leader of the Rebel Alliance to one of the foundations of the new era of peace in the Star Wars galaxy.

Bloodlines” depicts Leia’s role that she “created for herself” after the fall of the Empire, as well as the one she takes up before the events of “The Force Awakens.” “Family” is a central theme in the Star Wars franchise, and it serves as a primary role in one of “Bloodline’s” most important events. Becoming a Senator at the early age of 17 and working as a double agent for the Rebellion within a year of position, Leia proves to be one of the most interesting characters in the expansive franchise.

Characters from the latest film installment are set to make an appearance in the book, although new players will seem to take up important roles. Ransolm Casterfo, whom Gray describes as an “ambitious young senator who’s Leia’s political opposite in virtually every way,” is one of them. He’s also fond of collecting artifacts of the Empire such as supportive banners of Palpatine, armour, and so on.

Ben Solo is also set to appear in “Bloodlines,” which would be instrumental in finding how he turned to be the dark warrior, Kylo Ren. The canon novelisation of “The Force Awakens” had already revealed that Star Wars’ Supreme Leader Snoke has set his eyes on Ben even from his childhood, and the latest book will draw some hints about his corruption into the Dark Side.