The third Star Trek reboot film, Beyond, hasn’t even hit the big screen Down Under yet but fans and producers alike are already looking forward to more movies from the franchise. Has director J.J. Abrams confirmed Star Trek 4? Did he also hint that the next movie will again include a famous Australian star from the first reboot movie?

Star Trek Beyond won’t hit local theaters for another week but early reviews for the movie were mostly positive. Did the response to Beyond make film executives want to make more Star Trek movies?

According to Cinema Blend, the positive buzz surrounding the movie would likely help get Star Trek 4 the green light. However, the movie studio has yet to confirm this project. This has not stopped Abrams’ excitement over another possible Star Trek movie, though. He called the prospect of a fourth movie “incredibly exciting.” He even shared casting plans to the press for it.

According to him, actor Chris Hemsworth might come back on screen as James Kirk’s father, George. Hemsworth earlier starred in 2009’s Star Trek reboot as this character. Will the actor really agree to return? No word as of yet to confirm this. Abrams directed the first two Star Trek movie reboots in 2009 and 2013. He took a back seat this year and just co-produced the upcoming film Beyond. 

Star Trek Beyond might be the third movie in the reboot but it is actually the 13th overall movie in the popular sci-fi series. Producers have yet to announce their plans for a possible fourth Star Trek film. However, reboot stars Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto, who play Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock, are already both on board should another movie be made. However, Paramount has yet to confirm this possible sequel.

Star Trek Beyond will officially debut at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. The film’s more public release, on the other hand, will come a bit later. The movie will hit Australian theaters on July 21st.

Should fans expect a Star Trek 4? Stay tuned for updates.