March 17 has been marked as St. Patrick’s Day and every year, the world observes this special day.

Here are some facts about St. Patrick’s Day that you might not know about.

1. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, but Irish are not the only one celebrating this day.

2. The event began as a religious feast day, but eventually becomes an international festival celebrating Irish culture with parades, dancing, special foods and a whole lot of green, History wrote.

3. St. Patrick was not born in Ireland, but rather he was born in Roman Britain in 387 AD, wrote.

Ways to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

1. Watch or participate in a parade

Cities across the world will have parades on this day. The parade usually features spectacular floats, marching bands, sports clubs, street theatre and Irish dancing schools.

In Sydney, the St Patrick’s Day parade has been cancelled because the event ran up a debt and volunteer committee members of the parade also bailed out, Sydney Morning Herald reported.

According to, the parade in Sydney is believed to be the second-largest St. Patricks’s Day parade in the world after the world-famous New York City St Patrick’s Day Parade.

2. Go green

Green is the colour associated with St Patrick’s Day so why not go with the flow and dress green. You may also add some shamrock on your look for the day.

Although blue is Saint Patrick’s colour himself, green became the popular colour of the day due Ireland’s moniker “The Emerald Isle@, which also appear on Irish flag, FemaleFirst wrote.

3. Get out and party

Traditionally, St Patrick’s Day was a relief from the austerity of the upcoming Lent. So, you may what to enjoy drinking, feasting and dancing while you can.

4. Indulge in an Irish feast

St Patrick’s Day has been associated with boiled ham and cabbage. FemaleFirst wrote this is an American tradition that began in the 19th century as homesick immigrants attempted to recreate a traditional Irish dish made with bacon. Since many were poor during this time, beef brisket was widely used as an alternative for bacon, while cabbage was a widely available during spring.

You may also want to serve your best St. Patty’s Day recipe to your friends.

5. Learn some Irish phrases

Wouldn’t be nice if you will learn few phrases in gaelic like saying “Dia dhuit” which means “Hello” or “Sláinte!” which means cheers!