Could the merriment of the recently concluded Splendour In the Grass be the last for the popular music festival?

The fourth year of the Splendour in the Grass music festival proved to be quite successful. The lineup of the event attracted music lovers. Hence, authorities anticipated a substantial turnout at Splendour in the Grass 2016. Indeed, daily entries into North Byron Parklands logged about 32,500 people, of which more than half stayed to camp on-site.

Musical acts who highlighted the annual affair included local favorites like The Avalanches and Flume. International acts like The Cure and The Strokes also drew in crowds. Hip Hop artist ILLY even took a helicopter ride to make a grand entrance at the event. The exclusive pre-party for Splendour in the Grass also made news with the presence of notable celebrities like Olympia Valance, Kate Peck, and Firass Dirani.

However, the days of the Splendour In the Grass festival could be numbered. As it turns out, 2017 is the last year of the event at the North Byron Parklands. This is based on a five-year trial period set forth by the New South Wales Government. Event producer Jessica Ducrou guaranteed that next year’s music festival would push through. However, it remains unknown where they would take festival afterwards. Then again, Ducrou’s statement seemed to suggest that North Byron Parklands could still be its home in 2018.

“There will definitely be a Splendour 2017. We’re happy with how the festival has been running here and at this stage we are not considering any other sites for the festival (in 2018),” Ducrou said. Yet the recent traffic mess that occurred on the first day also raised concerns, according to The Courier Mail.

Amazing Race winner Nathan Jolliffe was one of many who had difficulty to get to the event. This was despite his proximity to the venue. Going home from the event also became an issue. Ducrous attributed the congestion to the erratic movement of people in and out of the event. Thus, organizers sought to address the problem at once.