The Splash reboot cast Channing Tatum as one of its lead stars. Given the current trend of gender-flipped remakes, it will feature him in fins and not his dancing legs. Fans love the twist this time around.

News of the Splash reboot made headlines. However, news of Channing Tatum as the mermaid made even better headlines for fans. The 1984 film featured Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah as the mermaid. The romantic comedy flick was a hit and launched the careers of both stars. According to Deadline, the pitch to have the actor play the role of Daryl Hannah came from comedienne Jillian Bell who stars opposite him in the movie.

Here are five reasons why Channing Tatum is the perfect hot merman in the Splash reboot.

1. An ethereal beauty

No one can deny how handsome Channing Tatum is. His looks would certainly live up to the beauty of Daryl Hannah’s mermaid. Moreover, that killer smile seals the deal.

2. Adonis Body

Channing Tatum aka Magic Mike definitely has the ideal body for the Splash reboot. According to Gossip Cop, one fan even called it his destiny to play the role.

3. Action Star

The actor can likely handle his own stunts as he maneuvers under the sea with a tail.

4. Comedic talent

He knows how to have fun. His performances on Lip Sync Battle and his work alongside Jump Street co-star Jonah Hill are proof of this. Thus, it is likely the Splash reboot will offer a good laugh besides watching Channing Tatum half naked most of the time.

5. It is a dream come true

The response to the choice of Channing Tatum as merman is overwhelming. As opposed to the Ghostbusters reboot, this particular remake is about to make the dreams of many women come true.

Thus, it is certainly a good thing.