Even before “Captain America: Civil War” teasers started rolling in and when we got a peek at Team Iron Man and Team Cap, every one was wondering when we would get to see the first glimpse of fan-favourite, Spiderman.

And we sure got what we asked for, albeit after a lot of unbearable waiting, a first-look of Spiderman in his kick-ass avatar. While, we can’t wait for “Civil War” to arrive in theaters, the curiosity for the web-slinger has extended to his solo movie and we are certain fans are keeping an eye out for any information on that front.

Chances are, Sony may have let slip the title to the next solo Spiderman movie. As noted by CinemaBlend, it was being widely predicted that the upcoming movie would simply be titled, “Spiderman,” as was the case with the 2002 Tobey Maguire movie. However recent reports are indicating the name could probably be: “Spiderman Homecoming.” Yes, you read that right!

BBC News spotted a domain name SpiderManHomecomingTheMovie.com registered by Sony. The word is still out on that one and it could not be the name that the studio eventually opts for. However, it does fit in well given that Peter Parker still happens to be completing his high-school and could definitely keep up with tradition even if he doubles up as a superhero by night.

The title works on numerous accounts, as loyalists will recollect that the 1984 Spider-Man #252 was titled “Homecoming.” And this was when fans first saw the black-suit clad Spidey on the streets in New York, and its adaptation in “Spiderman 3.” The comicverse also featured Captain America and Iron Man giving appearances and it would be fitting after “Civil War” for Irom Man to come to the web-slinger’s aid given that he sides with him during the battle. However, something like this has never been done before, but we are holding on to the tiniest ray of hope that the domain name has given us.

With the solo Spiderman movie set to hit theaters on July, 2017, there’s still a good amount of time for more concrete details to be unearthed. Stay tuned!