A new set video from Spiderman Homecoming has emerged and it shows the web-slinger fighting crime. On other related news, reports suggest that Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man will grace the film’s Atlanta set to shoot a scene next week. Check out the details below regarding the latest on Spidey’s solo film.

A report from Comic Book Movie details that Twitter user/photographer Atlanta Filming was able to shoot seconds worth of footage from the Spiderman Homecoming set. Before this video, Atlanta Filming was also able to capture shots of the set weeks before.

The 14-second video is short, but as per Atlanta Filming’s own words, it is more than enough. As a bonus, the photographer also seemed to manage getting another video of Holland’s stunt double.

Spiderman Homecoming video: Who is the real Spidey?

Check out the videos below, via Atlanta Filming’s Twitter account.

The above video was posted after Atlanta Filming uploaded a 2-second clip of Spidey hanging on to a wire. On that first post, the photog explained it is indeed Tom Holland and not his double.

Although there’s very little to gather from the clip, it seems obvious that Spidey is fighting petty crime here by retrieving a bike from a small time thief.

Also, based on how the scene played out, it appears that audiences will see more of the young Peter Parker’s bubbly personality in his solo outing. It’s a safe bet that Spidey is leaving some funny remark just as the thief is dragged up by the wires.

Meanwhile, aside from the shot of Holland, Atlanta Filming also posted another video. This clip shows Holland’s stunt double, who appears to be shooting the same scene. It is unclear how the stunt double’s scene would play out into the finished product. However, Spidey’s descent from the building may involve more action than what Holland shot.

Iron Man/Tony Stark appearance

Aside from the progress of Homecoming, another news shared by Comic Book Movie suggests that Robert Downey Jr will appear sometime this week in the Atlanta set. This news is unconfirmed. However, if it indeed pushes through, reports put Downey filming a hotel explosion.

One could only hope that by then, Atlanta Filming will also get a clip of Downey.

Spiderman Homecoming comes out in theaters on July 2017.