The return of Spider-Man/Peter Parker into Marvel’s fold is exciting enough. However, it seems more news about the Spiderman Homecoming movie increases the hype. If recent rumors are to be believed, then another Avenger may appear on the movie. Furthermore, will this launch the much-awaited solo film for this character?

The Avenger in question is none other than Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff. According to recent reports, the actress is in Atlanta where Homecoming is filming. Although this could simply be coincidence, sources are hinting that the character will cameo in the Spiderman outing.

The report of the potential appearance comes from Comic Book. According to the website, reliable tipster Atlanta Filming recently noted Johansson’s presence in the locale.

Details about the film are vague, so nothing concrete can tie Black Widow to the film yet. However it is notable that Tony Stark’s appearance is confirmed, so that warrants an association. The character’s appearance in Spiderman Homecoming is not only a nice treat, but a good way to cement Peter Parker’s ties to the MCU.

Spiderman Homecoming movie: The possibilities

If indeed Black Widow appears in Homecoming, will the cameo prompt for the character’s solo film? This is highly unlikely given that the role will possibly be brief. More so, Johansson has more than proved herself in past Marvel films, which makes her Homecoming appearance simply an addition to that list.

However, there’s still hope that Spiderman Homecoming can uncover a great story line fit for the spy/SHIELD agent. When that time comes, Joss Whedon is more than ready to helm a Black Widow solo film project.

For now, though, all that fans can do is hope that Marvel recognizes the potential for Black Widow solo outing. Stay tuned for more updates on this matter.

Spiderman Homecoming hits theaters next year on July 7. Two more films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Three lineup premieres before that. The Benedict Cumberbatch-starrer Doctor Strange debuts later this year, while Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 premieres in April 2017.

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