Zendaya’s role in Spiderman Homecoming has been revealed.

The actress/singer is going to play Mary Jane Watson, Peter Parker’s love interest in the Spiderman saga. Zendaya is best known for her role in Disney Channel’ Shake It Up! She was also featured in K.C. Undercover.

In March, Marvel first announced that Zendaya will be joining Spiderman Homecoming. At the time, it was said that she will be playing Michelle, which could be based on Michele Gonzalez. The character from the comics is Peter Parker’s roommate and love interest. The Wrap cited its sources claiming Zendaya will be playing iconic character Mary Jane Watson instead.

Here are interesting facts about Mary Jane Watson:

1. According to The Wrap, Zendaya is not going to be very explicit about the real name of her character throughout the Spiderman Homecoming. She will drop some clues though before ultimately revealing that her name is Mary Jane.

2. Kristen Dunst played the role in three Spidey movies from 2002 to 2007. Tobey Maguire starred as Peter Parker/Spiderman in the trilogy.

3. Divergent actress Shailene Woodley was cast as MJ for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 starring Andrew Garfield. However, her scenes were cut from the final film.

4. Mary Jane has always been known as a Caucasian. Her history is about as long as Peter’s. She is not the first serious girlfriend of Spiderman’s alter ego in the comics – it was Gwen Stacy. MJ, however, is Peter’s long-time partner. It is still unclear if Mary Jane will be a friend or love interest of Peter in Spiderman Homecoming.

5. Is MJ going to wear a costume in the Spiderman Homecoming movie? Probably not. However, she will be in her webslinger suit in the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows comics. The Parker family – Peter, MJ and their child Annie – will be featured in the comics edition that is set for release this fall. In Renew Your Vows, MJ wears a fashionable white get-up while Annie is clad in a parent-approved suit.

Tom Holland‘s Spiderman Homecoming is set to premiere in theaters on July 7, 2017.