Sony Pictures Chairman Tom Rothman hopes that the new Spider-Man movie becomes a trilogy for actor Tom Holland who plays the titular role. He pronounced his hopes in the middle of announcing the official name of the new Spidey flick at the recent CinemaCon in Las Vegas.

Titled “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” the movie makes a reference to an old high school event, indicating a younger Peter Parker. Variety confirmed the news stating that the movie features a young Parker struggling to strike a balance between vigilantism and getting his homework done on time.

“It’s obviously a high school reference and shows Peter Parker’s enduring conflict — saving the world and getting your homework done,” Rothman said on stage during the CinemaCon. Cinema Blend explains that the title is creative and spot on. The announcement is also timely as speculations had already started regarding the name after it was revealed that Sony had purchased the URL.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Rothman joked that he hopes it turns out to be a trilogy for Holland. “I hope it takes him three movies!” added Rothman.

The announcement was followed by a teaser and logo release. The teaser clip showed “Iron Man” Tony Stark visiting a young Spider-Man and his Aunt May in their Queens apartment. Tony Stark tells Peter that the special grant he had applied for has been accepted, states Deadline. The clip was topped with a scene where Spider-Man makes a cameo appearance in “Civil War.”

Sony also released its new movie logo. The film’s title logo features a nice font with the second “o” in homecoming replaced with an image of Spider-Man’s mask. The movie is a joint effort between Sony and Marvel Studios. The movie’s cast includes Tom Holland, Zendaya Coleman, and Marisa Tomei. “Spider-Man: Homecoming” is expected to hit the screens next year.