Earlier rumors about a new villain in the Spider Man Homecoming movie could finally have confirmation.

The video shared earlier by Spider Man Homecoming director Jon Watts led to speculations about the upcoming movie’s likely villain. Interestingly, fans had varied opinions about what the flickering shadow behind Peter Parker (Tom Holland) represented.

Some said it was a flashback to Uncle Ben’s death due to Peter’s pensive appearance. Although the cryptic clip seemed to hint at a frightening enemy for the web slinger. Thus, others suggested the likes of the Vulture, the Tinkerer, the Shocker, or Carnage.

However, could the latest theory about another Marvel character appearing in Spider Man Homecoming solve the puzzle? Interest in the Nightwatch, a comic book character who first came out in 1992 as part of the Web of Spider-Man series, recently rose. Apparently, Sony employees are researching about this character and buying various references about him aka comic books.

According to the publication, his start in Spidey comics makes him eligible for the movies. Hence, could he be the spooky villain from the director’s earlier clip? Co-creator Terry Kavanagh revealed how the character came about back then.

“From what I remember, we created Nightwatch to be a spooky, dark character with a science-fiction background, as I was interested in playing with the contrast. I asked for specific elements like the prehensile cape, and a shadow-like darkness that always surrounded and followed him, but Alex Saviuk designed the actual look. Alex might have been inspired by Spawn– a lot of character design was inspired by Image characters in those days– but I’m not sure,” Kavanagh told Bleeding Cool. Nightwatch looks somewhat like Spawn who was created by Todd McFarlane.

Set photos of actor Bokeem Woodbine hinted at his character Shocker in Spider Man Homecoming. However, could his role actually be the Nightwatch? Hence, he might not be a villain after all.

The new character in Spider Man Homecoming not actually a villain.