Spice Girls will be having their 20th anniversary on June, and Mel B. aka Scary Spice stated that it would be rude if they will not celebrate. While the four gals-Mel. C., Mel B. Geri Halliwell, and Emma Bunton are allegedly eager to have a commemorative event, Victoria Beckham is still reluctant to join.

An earlier report revealed that Spice Girls could be having a joint tour with the Backstreet Boys. While Melanie B. is still hopeful for a complete reunion, Victoria Beckham seems to be torn between the girls and her fashion career.

A report from TMZ claimed that Posh Spice is done with the quintet forever. Beckham’s representative said that “(Beckham) has been very respectful about the fabulous time they had together in the past, however, her focus is now very much her family and fashion business,” as we quote.

And to add salt to injury, Mel. C. allegedly said that she will not perform if Victoria would not be there.

But fans could still hope for a light at the end of the tunnel, because Closer Online reports that Posh Spice allegedly agreed to join Spice Girls in 2016. However, the source explained that Victoria could only perform with the girls on a limited commitment.

“However she stressed she needed to focus on David and the kids this year after a stressful 2015 of trying to juggle work and family life, so committing to all the dates would be too much. She already has a lot on her plate with her design empire,” the insider explained.

Meanwhile, Emma Bunton aka Baby Spice told E! that there is nothing happening at the moment.

“Nothing’s happening at the moment. If anything happens and it’s concrete, and we decide on something, I will let you know.”

Will there be a Spice Girls reunion this year? Let us wait and see.