The long wait is finally over. “Space Jam 2” is confirmed and the NBA superstar LeBron James is reportedly chosen to play the lead role.

Justin Lin, Andrew Dodge, and Alfredo Botello are taking care of the script that follows the first film which was launched almost two decades ago, The Hollywood Reporter wrote. Lin also wants to direct and produce the upcoming sequel, via his Perfect Storm Entertainment.

James was first rumoured to play the titular role last year when the deal between his company Springhill Entertainment and Warner Bros. had surfaced on the Internet. The Cleveland Cavaliers recently appeared in Amy Schumer’s comedy film “Trainwreck.”

Despite his on-cam appearance, Yahoo! News noted that he has been focusing more on working behind the scenes. some of his projects include the 30-minute sitcom and series “Survivor Remorse,” “Becoming,” and “Uninterrupted.”

Children of the ’90s might feel nostalgic upon the announcement and would love to recall the Looney Tunes’ animated movie that starred the “Greatest of all Time,” Michael Jordan, notes Yahoo! News. The film also reminds the adult viewers of the classic song “I Believe I Can Fly” by R.Kelly.

Released in 1996, “Space Jam” featured the Chicago Bulls player as he agreed to help the Looney Tunes to play a basketball tournament against the aliens for their freedom, notes IMDb.

Following Jordan’s footstep, he said in a statement last summer that “We’re definitely missing Bugs and Daffy and Tasmanian Devil and every last one of them, so hopefully we can do some great things,” as quoted by CBS Sports.

While the news brought a great feeling fo the fans, Brian Windhorst, the sports writer for ESPN, tweets that the reports are still unconfirmed. Well, James and the rest of the “Space Jam 2” production team might have the final say about it.

More details about “Space Jam 2” will be out soon.