LeBron James is on the move to expand his ventures outside of the NBA.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter details that the Cavaliers star has sealed a $15.8 million deal with Warner Bros. According to THR, the investment is for James’ “Uninterrupted” platform which serves as an avenue where athlete-centric content can be showcased.

The website further describes the platform as a channel where the likes of Ronda Rousey and Serena Williams, as well other athletes, can voice out their point of view regarding any issue. The platform is also a window to the athletes’ lives away from their respective fields.

In describing “Uninterrupted”, The Hollywood Reporter quotes James in saying:

“It’s giving athletes an opportunity to have a platform where they can speak about any issue. They don’t have to wait to be in front of a camera.”

A report by Bloomberg chronicles that “Uninterrupted” was created earlier this year by James and his business partner Maverick Carter. Through the $15.8 investment, Bloomberg reports that James and Carter will be able to produce more of the content it specializes in and gain more partners.

Bloomberg also points out that James is not the only athlete investing on a media company. The website says that Yankee superstar Derek Jeter launched “The Players Tribune” back in October while the National Football League Players Association also announced its interest to establish a content company.

Meanwhile, there is still no official confirmation on whether “Space Jam 2” will pursue.

It can be recalled that back in August, James openly expressed interest for a second “Space Jam” movie to happen. In a report by Entertainment Weekly discussing James’ possible involvement, the basketball star was quoted in saying:

“We hope so. We definitely miss them, Bugs and Daffy and Tasmanian Devil, and every last one of them, so hopefully we can do some great things.”

Although the film review website IMDb lists “Space Jam 2” as an upcoming movie with a 2017 premiere, no official news regarding the film has been released.