Republicans who attended the South Carolina primary on Saturday want undocumented immigrants deported immediately. Exit poll data revealed that Donald Trump won over 47 percent of those attendees.

Voters were surveyed about their stand on the temporary barring of Muslims, who are not citizens, from entering the United States; something which Trump advocates. About 74 percent agreed with 41 percent pledging their votes to the mogul, NY Times reported.

Republican front-runner Trump won the South Carolina primary upon attracting support from Republican voters across various demographic groups. In a sense, he is joining parts of the party that have been on opposite ends of recent debates.

A recent set of survey results has also shed some light on the success of the Trump campaign. The results revealed how Trump has abolished the contemporary divide in the party and structured a large part of his coalition body on individuals who are responsive to racial, social and religious attitudes.

Public Policy Polling data, on the other hand, show the extent to which he uses deeply rooted racial intolerance. But first, a point to consider about the data is that these surveys were done near the middle of January, before the Iowa caucuses and South Carolina and New Hampshire primaries. Further, PPP company is also aligned with the Democratic Party with some of its findings over the years have been subject to suspicions of bias.  However, these surveys reportedly give a better idea of Trump’s strategy.

Republican support for the temporary ban on Muslim entry into the United States is significant. It is a notion he first advanced in early December. He has won more than twice as many advocates of the ban in South Carolina as any other candidate.  People often echo what their candidates say on the campaign trail so that number may not be relevant. Even more surprising are the attitudes of Republicans on things that Trump has not talked about on the campaign trail such as a ban on gay unions in the United States.