Sadio Mane has done it again! Performing his hat trick for the second time has caused scattered Manchester City a loss against Southampton.

He was also given the coveted Man of the Match award to the fans’ dismay. Most fans were quick to point out that his measly 3 points encased in an opportune hat trick moment weren’t enough for him to deserve the award.

Meanwhile, Shane Long gave Southampton a good lead while Tadic stepped into midfield to give Manchester City a hard time scoring a goal.

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While Southampton tore Manchester City to shreds, Iheanacho struggled to pull the City back into it’s A-game and still ended in a loss.

After Iheanacho’s hard-earned goal, City was quick to render it meaningless when Mane completed his hat-trick in the 68th minute, The Guardian reports.

As Mane gave Southampton a remarkable game with his hat trick, Southampton’s manager Ronald Koeman told the Guardian “He is still a young player and sometimes they need to be more consistent and that is why we train and work with all the players. A bit unpredictable but he was focused and clinical.”

Sadio Mane was awarded the Man of the Match after performing his second hat trick for the Southampton.

Of all the City players, Joe Hart, Nicolás Otamendi, and Fernandinho still ended goalless. With the disappointing game results, this does not bode well for the City who is up for a match against Real Madrid on Wednesday in Bernabeu. However, the City lineup is bound to change once they face Real Madrid.

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The game ended with Manchester City landing below Manchester United in the Premier League.

Manchester City is set to play against Real Madrid this May 5 at the Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid for the Champions League Semi-finals.

Mane and Southampton are gearing up against Tottenham at the Lane on May 8 for the Premiere League.