The Permanent Court of Arbitration gave the South China Sea verdict, and it went against China. The court said there was no proof of China’s exclusive control over the resources.

The ruling has apparently made China angry, as Beijing called it “ill-founded.” China has also said that it would not be bound by the ruling, which went in favor of the Philippines.

China seemed to be angry even before the verdict came out. The reason was Washington’s decision to send fighter jets to the disputed region just before the ruling. China’s state-run news publication said the US should get ready for military confrontation as a result of its decision to send the jets.

“China is a peace-loving country and deals with foreign relations with discretion, but it won’t flinch if the US and its small clique keep encroaching on its interests on its doorstep,” The Global Times said.

As the news publication often represent the government’s perspective, the threat should not be taken lightly. It also said that China was going to “speed up building its military capabilities of strategic deterrence.”

Even though the news publication agreed that the Chinese military may not be a match for its US counterpart in the short-term, it said Washington must “pay a cost it cannot stand,” in case the US government decided to interfere with the dispute. Now that the South China Sea verdict does not favor China, Beijing may take a strong decision.

The claims may not be unfounded as the Chinese Navy is reported to have been doing exercises near the Paracel islands, a disputed region.

Many readers reacted in favor of China’s stance. One of them slammed the United States for faking its democracy. According to the reader, what the US has is not democracy but “corporate plutocracy.”

According to the tribunal in The Hague, China has violated sovereign rights of the Philippines. It also slammed Beijing for building artificial islands and severely harming the coral reef environment.

After the South China Seas verdict, China seems cornered. Washington clearly does not agree with China on its claim over the entire region. It will be interesting to see if China decides to go military against a might opposition like the United States.