Taiwan authorities have asked Google to blur satellite images of the South China Sea on the map to make sure the military initiatives conducted are not revealed.

The defense ministry of the nation said that the satellite images are likely to reveal the new military measures installed on Taipei’s Itu Aba. The island is the only disputed part of the sea on which Taipei enjoys stronger hold.

“Under the precondition of protecting military secrets and security, we have requested Google blur images of important military facilities,” Taiwan Defense Ministry spokesman Chen Chung-chi said on Wednesday, as quoted by Reuters.

Defense Minister Feng Shih-Kuan said that the pictures unveiled some confidential developments and also refused to give any further information relating to the matter. “It is inconvenient for us to reveal any military facilities we are installing on Taiping Island and what their purposes are, as they are all considered secret,” he said.

According to reports, the revelation of the new construction at the site will upset the other claimants of the island in the same way as it does in the case of the development of airstrips and other facilities by China.

Google Earth images make four three-pronged structures in a semicircular arrangement off Itu Aba’s north-western shoreline. The structures are the ones which are also claimed by China, Vietnam, and the Philippines despite being controlled by Taiwan solely.

The pictures also indicate the installation of the new military features across an upgraded airstrip that has recently been constructed. In addition, a port has also been built-up recently that can dock almost 3,000-tonne frigates.

RT reported that the revelation of the pictures came into focus when Google Earth was updated in July. It was in the same month when the United Nations court of arbitration gave its verdict stating that China had no right on the South China Sea and the nation was making false claims on it. Taiwan and China both opposed the decision, though.