Chinese military folk singer Song Zuying was sent to the South China Sea and took to the stage to perform in front of the troops at the Fiery Cross Reef over the weekend.

Song is a star of the military arts troupe who once performed with Canadian diva balladeer Celine Dion during the CCTV’s Spring Gala in 2013.

Songs that were performed include “This Is The Man I Want To Marry,” which is the story about a soldier who was set to marry his girlfriend but had his wedding postponed several times because he was working on land reclamation projects.

The bride eventually came to the island so she could marry him.

Song and the rest of the 50-strong ensemble were photographed on Saturday performing in front of the troops against a background of facilities of the manmade island and the Kunlun Shan, China’s second biggest warship.

The Firey Cross Reef and the Kunlun Shan is just two stops on a tour of the disputed Spratly Islands in the South China Sea that Song and her ensemble from the PLA Navy are making, according to the South China Morning Post.

Hundreds of construction workers and military personnel trooped to watch the shows.

“I am very excited,” one soldier named Huang Tianqun was quoted as saying. “We will definitely hold our ground here firmly, to defend each and every inch of the reef of our motherland.”

Tensions over the South China Sea have increased to new heights, with several Asian countries staking their own claims over the disputed islands. At one point the Australian government was set to question China about its construction in the islands.

And China’s plans have gone grander by the minute as they are set to install floating nuclear plants to power the remote islands.