The Public Policy Polling survey done in South Carolina reveals that Donald
Trump and Hilary Clinton lead the 2016 Presidential nomination for the Republican Party and Democratic Party, respectively.

Trump was able to secure a 35 percent lead as compared to his fellow republican presidentiables Ted Cruz and Rubio who both landed 18 percent. John Kasich scored 10 percent while Jeb Bush and Ben Carson got 7 percent each, Public Policy Polling reported.

According to the survey, Trump continues to attract more conservative voters on his side, most of which come from the men’s and the young voters’ population. Despite the results of the debate from the Saturday night, South Carolina still backs up Donald Trump.

Clinton, meanwhile, leads the Democratic party with 55 percent versus Bernie Sanders who got 34 percent. Clinton was able to get a  considerably large advantage among the voters who were African-American, CNN reported.

PPP also revealed that Rubio fares better that Cruz standing neck to neck with Trump’s ratings. Voters who haven’t made up their mind are going for Bush, Carson and Kasich.

It was also observed that Cruz continues to fall behind the race with 48 percent of the voters saying that they see him negatively and 42 percent saying that they see him positively. The other Republican candidates are doing better than Cruz.

Rubio was able do better with 58 percent saying that they see him positively as to 32 who says otherwise, while  Trump scored 50 percent for the positive rating and 43 percent for the negative rating.

As for the Democrat candidate, Hillary Clinton, she was able to gain a huge leverage thanks to the support of the African-American community in South Carolina. Sanders however scores a 55-27 lead among independents while Clinton gains 31 point advantage for the registered Democrats.