A new law has put a ban on smoking in alfresco dining areas throughout South Australia from Friday. The ban will cover both inside and the outside zones of the dining venues.

SA Cancer Council has expressed satisfaction on the enforcement of the law seeing ts harmful effects on the population. The council’s chief executive Lincoln Size said that he was glad to know that the workers and diners would remain safe not only inside the dining areas but also around them.  He added that around 21 people were killed every week in South Australia because of their exposure to smoking.

“No amount of exposure to cigarette smoke is safe and it is pleasing that from 1 July staff and diners outside of pubs, clubs and cafes will be protected, as well as those inside,” the ABC quoted Size as saying.

The areas where food is exposed to air have been safeguarded through the ban while places like beer garden where pre-packaged snacks and food are served will face no such restrictions. The ban will be applied to cigarettes, pipes, hookahs and cigars.

The law will also ensure that whoever is caught smoking is the banned areas are not spared. Individuals breaking the rules will have to pay a fine of $200 while businesses violating the rules could pay a penalty worth $1,250.

On the decision made by South Australia authorities, the Heart Foundation responded. They said that the initiative will help in cutting the rate of heart disease.

“It is well known that expanding smoke-free areas reduces exposure and reinforces that smoking is not a desirable social behavior,” Heart Foundation acting chief executive Rachel McKay said as quoted by Sky News. “The majority of people don’t smoke and don’t want to breathe other people’s secondhand smoke.”

Australian Hotels Association chief executive Ian Horne took the ban on smoking in a positive way. He said that government is always “reluctant” to pose smoking ban as there is no lack of smokers around the state.

However, he appreciated the step taken by the government as it is being considered a healthy and wise initiative. Horne also claimed that alfresco dining areas have already accepted the decision and have decided to make their dining zones completely smoke-free.

“For some venues, they can make a choice if they believe it will have an impact on them then they will have to make a choice and say ‘Well, we simply won’t provide food in this outdoor area’,” he said.