The greyhound industry seeks to overturn the New South Wales government ban of the sport from July 2017 in the Federal Court on Tuesday morning. The NSW Greyhound racing industry alliance claims that NSW Premier Mike Baird’s ban on greyhound racing violates section 92 of the Australian constitution.

Brenton Scott from the NSW Greyhound Breeders, Owners and Trainers Association (GBOTA) adds that the greyhound ban takes away the constitutional rights of greyhound breeders. To help them, they employed the services of former solicitor-general David Bennett, who, according to reports, has won 75 cases out of 85 during his term.

“It is our view that the national industry trades on a national basis across breeding, racing and wagering perspectives and the constitution guarantees freedom of trade,” Scott pointed out on Tuesday. “This decision takes and strips from the NSW greyhound community that fundamental right.”

According to Solicitor Dennis English, the constitutional challenge would most likely reverse the ban. English is confident that their strong legal team would help them win the case.

Premier Mike Baird does not seem concerned of this challenge. Baird says that this is not the first time someone tried to fight the government, and the greyhound industry has every right to do so telling reporters that, “They are entitled to take legal considerations and legal actions but we are confident in our position.”

Next year’s greyhound ban was proposed after it was found that live baiting is practiced in the industry. Supporters of the ban add that the greyhounds were killed in the most violent ways, citing that industry players kill the animals by smashing their heads with a hammer.

Mass graves where racing greyhounds are buried were also found. Despite this, critics of the ban claim that it will hurt those who rely on the greyhound industry to pay their bills and feed their families.