Three black terrorists have reportedly attacked a white family, adding to yet another incident of white genocide in South Africa.

The Facebook page “Washington Marching Against the Genocide of Whites in South Africa” is an initiative by the social media website that contributes in reporting incidents of the genocide of whites to the public. Doing so not only enables people to be aware of such events but also brings the crimes to the focus of authorities. The top contributor to the page, Natasha Visagie, reported that the Casey family was attacked by terrorists of black origin on their Hill View farm, which was 20 kilometres from Nelspruit.

The black metro police have also been involved in crimes concerning white genocide. As reported by the concerned FB page, the black metro police have threatened a white mother and gripped both the mother and child with fear. Another white African woman, Nola Steenkamp and her dog, were attacked by blacks and was stabbed several times with scissors at her own place last Friday.

Last March, a billboard photo was shared by frightened South Africans out of fear for white genocide. According to ENCA, the photo was fake but has threatened the white population. It read as:

“Murder Murder

You can kill whites in South Africa

Blacks can do anything

Contact your nearest ANC office now

You will not be punished – you will get a white farm

Vote ANC”

The message referred to the African National Congress in it.

The number of farm murders in South Africa has been alarmingly increasing. Though police have indicated any links of the crime with racial discrimination, most of the farmers killed were whites. According to earlier reports of Inquisitr, police have declared farm murders as priority crimes and has now put complete focus on investigating this.

According to the Human Rights Watch report released in 2016, the farm murders have increased significantly in South Africa, but the report did not put any focus on white genocide and updates despite the Genocide Watch’s statement in which Dr. Gregory Stanton said the whites were facing the threat of genocide in the nation.