Canadian search teams found a male body beneath a landmark waterfall on Tuesday. This in the midst of a search for a Melbourne woman and her boyfriend who went missing for almost two weeks after taking a hike in British Columbia, in Canada’s west.

Local media are reporting that the body recovered is that of Greg Tiffin, 44. Tiffin and girlfriend Sophie Dowsley, 34, left for a day trip to Statlu Lake, near Vancouver, on Saturday, July 8 and have not been seen since. Authorities believe they have slipped and fallen from the walls of a canyon overlooking the waterfall which has a long history of fatalities.

Some of the searchers including divers, dogs, and specialists from Kent Harrison Search and Rescue had to be flown in on helicopters because of the rugged terrain. “It’s really remote and demanding territory,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman Corporal Mike Rail told reporters. “It is gorgeous but not forgiving.”

The police began their search on July 12 after the couple was reported missing.

Authorities located the couple’s SUV at the start of the hike, found Dowsley’s sunglasses near the waterfall where they disappeared and recovered some of Tiffin’s personal items in the water below. They will continue scouring the area for any sign of Sophie Dowsley.

“All search resources remain engaged as we continue to look for the missing woman,” Rail said in a news release. “RCMP remain in close contact with the victim’s and missing woman’s families.”

The retrieval of Tiffin’s body comes as Dowsley’s family have flown to Canada to help with the search. Her father, Peter Dowsley, said they are living a “nightmare” not knowing if she’s alive or dead and they just want answers.

“It’s the worst – actually the worst possible nightmare that you can imagine,” he said. “We just need to know. It’s just the not knowing. It’s just the sitting there and just not knowing.”

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