Last month, rumor mills began churning out details about the next Sony flagship being unofficially dubbed as, no surprises there, the Xperia Z6. It was then predicted that fans might get to witness the arrival of the next-gen Sony handset quite soon.

However as it turns out, in an interview with Tech Radar, Sony has hinted that its next smartphone will not be unveiled before the second half of next year. So, those who were planning to get their hands on the next Sony flagship may have to wait longer than expected.

And given that the newest Z5 lineup may easily carry the company through to the first half of next year, it only seems right. But then again, if the flagship is not expected to undergo a radical design change from its predecessor, fans may just witness its launch at the MWC in March 2016.

Recent reports also indicate that the Sony flagship in question may also be seen boasting a pressure-sensitive display. According to report on MobiPicker citing a source, Sony may probably be incorporating their version of the 3D Touch technology, as seen on the iPhone 6S lineup, in the Sony Z6.

As per reports, it can be speculated that the company may attempt to get their own displays manufactured in-house as opposed to relying on third-party suppliers. Brand loyalists will of course be delighted to see the feature on Sony’s next Xperia Z6.

With no official confirmation on the details or even the price tag that the company’s next handset may wear, take the rumors with a pinch of salt. However, with makers like Samsung and Huawei already jumping in on the race to deliver devices with pressure-sensitive screen, the prediction about the Sony Z6 coming out with a similar technology seems quite probable.

Check back for more updates on the upcoming Sony Xperia Z6.