After the release of Sony Xperia X weeks before, the Xperia XA makes its way to the United States. However, there’s little to no detail on the device’s arrival on Australia. We try to relay such details below, including the Sony Xperia XA Australia release date and specs.

It’s common practice for companies to have varied release dates for their products. Hence, even when North America gets a device now, it is no guarantee that Australia will get it at the same time frame. This seems to be the case since no official launch date has been given for the Xperia XA on Australia yet.

While you wait, it’s best to get to know the device first before it arrives. This way, you know whether it’s a fit for you and if it’s worth spending money for.

Sony Xperia XA Australia specs

The Sony Mobile official Australian website details the complete information on the XA. In terms of its physical attributes, the devices promises a “new look” to fit every user’s daily life. As per the website, the Xperia XA “[brings] together a stunning full-width display, a smooth, curved form and a size that’s not-too-big and not-too-small.”

Color-wise, users who wish to own an Xperia XA can choose from four different colors. Namely, these colors are Graphite Black, White, Rose Gold, and Lime Gold.

Another aspect that Sony packs with pride with the XA is its camera. According to the website, the device is equipped with a camera that launches right when you need it. If you’re one of those people who can’t get a single decent photo because getting your phone out of your pocket takes forever, then this may be your match.

As for its general specifications, the Xperia XA is a powerful device operating at 64-bit Octa Core. If it delivers its promise, the device proves dependable with the promised 2 days battery life maximum.

For price, majority of US retailers place the device at $279.99. Hence, the Xperia XA may retail for around AU$375 when it becomes available in AU.

Stay tuned for updates on the Sony Xperia XA Australia release date.