Sony has announced that the upcoming virtual reality headset can work without a TV. The news was confirmed by no other than the president of Worldwide studios, Shuhei Yoshida, via Twitter.

Previously, Yoshida-san posted a picture on twitter where he was playing the recently released Dark Souls III wearing the Sony PlayStation VR headset. Furthermore, the device is capable of streaming non-VR games. This potentially amazing feature is called as “Cinematic Mode” by the Japanese company. This feature allows any game to run on the headset that has the screen size of 5.7-inch OLED screen. It also provides the option to select from three different screen sizes.

Similarly, Oculus also introduced in the Oculus Rift. The VR headset has the ability to stream Xbox One games in a virtual cinema’s screen. It is worth noting that both these feature doesn’t turn any game to VR. It just shows like a movie inside the headset, notes The Country Caller.

Moreover, Sony PlayStation VR headset offers a unique experience for its users. The VR headset can turn up the immersion factor in you and thereby will make you feel cut-off from the real world. Gamers who want to remove TV from their gaming can use the VR headset more privately to play games.

Yoshida-san also notes that the headset would not suit you if you want to see graphical details. The headset would give visual fidelity with immersion for users who decide to go this route.

Yoshida san had answered all question fired to him at the Q/A sessions with fans. He courteously answered every question and also provided more insight to The Country Caller about the headset. Along with VR headset, Playstation Gold Wireless headset and the Pulse headset supports the device. The headset allows connecting any headset in the stereo mini-plug for the 3D audio.