One major drawback of technology nowadays is that the massive leap it takes forward can be scary. A recent invention by Sony may be able to deliver this point.

Dubbed as a smart light bulb, the new product from the electronics company sets the bar high in terms of being innovative in the modern world ruled by smartphones.

In a report by The Verge, the Multifunctional Light is the newest appliance from Sony. Although its name does not really convey creativity and being innovative, its features more than make up for the poor choice of name.

According to the website, its major feature is its capacity for connectivity with other appliances in a home including air conditioning units and the television. In terms of connecting with air conditioning, The Verge details that the smart light bulb can gather data through its humidity sensors which in turn can dictate functions for thermostats.

The smart appliance also uses infrared to turn the TV on when motion sensors detect the presence of a human in the room.

Meanwhile, Tech Radar reports that aside from the many sensors packed in the bulb, the Multifunctional Light is also equipped with speakers, a microphone, and a slot for a microSD card. These features allow the bulb to serve as an intercom within rooms in a house and even playback a telephone’s answering machine.

It appears that this light bulb can give everything you have been looking for.

However, before you panic right this moment to find out where you can purchase the smartest light bulb ever, prepare to be disappointed.

Tech Radar reports that the device will only be available in Japan when it releases in the first half of 2016. Since no actual date of release has been announced, the website suggests that it may take a very long time for the appliance to make its way to the Australian, North American, and European markets.

For now, you can bask in how amazing this light bulb is by watching the video below: