This website previously reported about the rumored PlayStation 4.5, which was dubbed as the PlayStation 4K. Now it’s highly not just a rumor anymore as it was confirmed by Digital Foundry. There are now reports indicating that there is now a target release date for the said PlayStation 4 upgrade. TechRadar shared the news about the said potential release date.

There are also reports that solidify the story of the PlayStation 4.5, as according to The Wall Street Journal, the newest PlayStation console will be capable of playing VR games than its predecessor. It was also noted that both the current PlayStation 4 and the upcoming PlayStation 4.5 will still both play old and newer PS4 games, but it was noted that the older PlayStation 4 models will have some difficulty handling the upcoming VR games as compared with the PlayStation 4.5 as it is more optimize for these kinds of games.

The PlayStation 4.5 is expected to be revealed before the official launch of the PlayStation VR, which is slated in October. The new console is expected to hit the shelves around late of 2016.

This is not the first time a console gets an upgraded version for the current generation. Nintendo has been doing the upgrades for their line of consoles starting with the Nintendo DSi. Though not entirely a hardware upgrade, but it added new features such as internal storage and two digital cameras that could allow new gameplay mechanics that is only exclusive to the new console. The 3DS received an upgraded version in a form of the New 3DS, which boasts an upgrade on its RAM and processing power as well as a built-in NFC reader to read Amiibo figures. It also introduces some New 3DS exclusive games that will only work on the specific unit.