The Sons of Anarchy reunion at the Space City Comic Con in Houston, Texas was mired in controversy, with star Charlie Hunnam reportedly stiffed by the programme’s promoter over non-payment of either his hotel accommodation or appearance.

Hunnam and the rest of the Sons of Anarchy cast allegedly got duped by the Comic Con promoter, identified as George Comits. According to, Hunnam was provided with a credit card to pay for his hotel accommodation at JW Marriott Downtown, but the said card was reportedly not accepted upon check in. However, it was clarified that the credit card was to be used for room reservations only and not for incidentals. The SoA cast had to pay cash for the incidentals, but the room reservation was covered by the credit card given to them by the Comic Con promoter.

But things continued to go downhill from there. Rusty Coones, who played Rane Quinn on the FX series, revealed that the promoter gave them “bogus paychecks.” When Hunnam had his check cashed in the bank, he was informed that the account was closed.

In Comits’ defense, he wrote Hunnam the check as security against pre-sold autographs which costs $80 (AU$ 110.73) per signature and $100 (AU$138.41) per photo. Once the Comic Con is done and all the money has been collected, that is supposed to be the time everyone gets paid.

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Comits told the Houston Press that Hunnam’s entourage “started strong-arming” the Comic Con staff. “Charlie’s camp was terrifying everybody. He told all the other actors to only accept cash [instead of the pre-sold vouchers] because they weren’t going to get paid,” Comits said.

Hunnam addressed the incident through Facebook, calling the event a “gross misconduct” and a “grand injustice.

“I appeared at all scheduled photo ops and signed as many autographs as I could. The entire event descended into utter chaos at the end of the day and I was powerless to effect positive change. At this point I felt like I had to remove myself completely as I could no longer be part of this giant con,” the actor said about his sudden departure in the middle of the show.

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He was reportedly suffering from a slipped disc in his back and was advised not to travel. He nevertheless attended the event for the fans of Sons of Anarchy.

According to Comits, Hunnam is reportedly suing him and his company for millions.