There have been talks about a possible Sons of Anarchy prequel along with a spinoff series underway.  However, new reports are claiming that fans’ expectations could now be downplayed after what happened at the supposed Space City Comic-Con SOA cast reunion in Houston.

According to reports, Charlie Hunnam and the rest of the cast- Kim Coates, Rusty Coones, Emilio Rivera, Ryan Hurst, to name a few- were duped by the event promoter.  As Cinema Blend reported, Hunnam and the rest of the cast were not paid for their supposed appearance at the event and were even called “kidnappers” for allegedly taking the promoter hostage.

“Upon arriving at the convention itself, Hunnam ‘had it out with the promoter,’ and soon left to go to a bank in order to cash the check he’d been given as payment for doing the panel,” the report claimed. “It might not surprise you now that the checking account in question had been closed, and that was the case for the entire cast’s payments.”

“And what happened when the cast members went to the promoter’s office to demand their money? He called the cops on them and allegedly said that he was being held hostage by them,” the report added. “A class act, this guy.”

Everyone is hoping that this unfortunate incident has not tainted the image of the SOA cast for fans who paid to see them at the event.  While a lot of them were greatly disappointed, it would seem like Hunnam and the rest of the gang were the real victims.

Previous “Sons of Anarchy” prequel updates have already suggested the show’s existence after show creator Kurt Sutter has been reportedly looking for possible locations. FX CEO John Landgraf recently teased that Sutter is already at the early stages of planning for the “Sons of Anarchy” prequel.

“I don’t have anything concrete to say about those two things except to say Kurt said he’s working on them and they’ll be coming to me soon,” he said as reported by zap2it. Earlier reports have claimed that the reason why Sutter’s “The Bastard Executioner” was canceled was because of his plans to start the prequel.