Fans continue to hope the onscreen romance of Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye Kyo is real. However, their wishes might be in vain as reports suggest the rumored relationship was only a ploy to raise ratings of “Descendants of the Sun.”

Bitbag raised the issue amidst persistent rumors of a real-life relationship between the stars of “Descendants of the Sun.” Thus, it could be part of the plan to build up anticipation for season 2 of the phenomenal series. Yet actor Song Joong-Ki’s recent statement might hint at a secret relationship that could refute reports of a publicity stunt.

He revealed how different he is from his character Yoo Si Jin on “Descendants of the Sun.” Hence, women might be disappointed to learn he’s not as romantic in real life.

“My dating style is not that special. But I have no plans to go public if I get into a relationship. I will do my best to preserve the emotion for the person that I like but I also want to keep it secret for that person,” Soompi quoted his response when asked about his thoughts on dating.

However, actress Song Hye-kyo’s personal thoughts about her “Descendants of the Sun” leading man could reveal the true status of their off-screen romance. She admitted she “fell for his charms” as a viewer watching the show. However, she only considers him a “younger brother-like friend.”

“Song Joong-ki played his role so attractively, which even made my heart flutter. “After I finished filming in December when the drama was aired, I watched it as a viewer and fell for his charms. After all, I’m really happy that the drama ended well,” Song told the Korea Times.

“He is younger than me, but I thought I found many things to learn from him. He did his job perfectly in the drama, and he is such a great person,” the actress added. Yet the onscreen couple might simply want to keep their fans guessing. Song Hye-Kyo surprised everyone at the fan meeting of Song Joong-Ki in China last June 17. The “Descendants of the Sun” stars gamely entertained fans at the event. However, their playful interaction with one another certainly caught everyone’s attention.

The latest speculation about the plot of “Descendants of the Sun” season 2 suggest it will focus on the other romantic pair played by Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myeong Joo, Ecumenical News reported. This could disprove claims about a publicity stunt to raise ratings. However, would it support the theory of a secret relationship between Song Joong-Ki and Song Hye Kyo?