Deviating from offering selfie filters, Snapchat has gone a step ahead and thus entered into the social-media race for Olympic Gold.

Snapchat users would be happy to know that it will be offering highlights from the 2016 Summer Games.

The messaging app has sealed a deal with NBC to show the highlights of the game. The app will be showing professional video clips for its users.

It’s the first time that the TV network has allowed anyone other than its own properties distributes like highlights from Games, reports Bloomberg.

However, unfortunately, the countries other the US cannot enjoy the highlights of the game. Snapchat’s deal with NBC is limited to the US.

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To make the content more interesting for its users, Snapchat will be creating daily feeds for game enthusiasts. The feed will comprise “live stories”, which would be real-time videos and photos. This would be created by the fans at Olympic trials and events. It will include clips and shots of the game.

Meanwhile, Buzzfeed is creating an NBC Rio Olympic “Discover” channel which is especially dedicated to the event. It will show the highlights and behind-the-scenes of Olympic Gold, notes CNET.

Snapchat has created a separate section for it. Discover is a section, various media outlets like National Geographic and The Wall Street Journal post their editorial packages there to lure the app’s young fanatics.

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Till now it is a known fact that Snapchat has become a new rival for Facebook. The Social media giant has been looking over its shoulder at the rival Snapchat. The Mark Zuckerberg-owned firm is making efforts to its video content and it has recently overtaken a company which makes similar filters that Snapchat has been rolling out. Even though, the messaging app is the first to bag the deal with NBC.

Moreover, Bloomberg notes that an NBC executive has told them the TV network is eager to secure a deal with Facebook and Twitter.

I would be interesting to see how the social media networks will place in the Olympics race.