Snapchat has just come up with its much-evolved avatar Chat 2.0. This new update is equipped with further advanced features, but other than that, it has updated its terms of service and privacy policy, as well. Snapchat claims that Chat 2.0 makes it possible to use the selfie-sharing app for video chat and audio calls.

Sources demonstrate this move of Snapchat can really pose a threat to WhatsApp, Facebook and the alike. Data say that WhatsApp and Facebook that have spent a lot of time and money recently improving their chat features.

According to Mirror, while reviewing “Chat 2.0,” Snapchat’s spokesperson says, it’s about “context and choice.”

“For example, when a friend invites you for a video chat, you need not have to join him via video chat. The audio or text message can also be used as alternates. (we’ll let your friend know if you’re watching).”

Snapchat has always had a messaging section which let the user send and save self-destructing text-and-emoji and picture messages, and there was a built-in a video-chatting feature. However, from a user viewpoint, the messaging always felt tricky.  Now Chat 2.0, has an updated feature seeks to fix this. Snapchat allows the user to make voice calls and send audio and video messages within Chat.  Another new addition enables the user to make private video chats with their desirable person. Simply start a video or audio chat by pressing the video and audio call button. Each guest can speak up with his or her own audio or video response or simply text back. Pressing and holding the video or audio call button will let you send a clip of audio or video to a friend, as well.

In addition, there is this new option for video and audio calling, with video and audio notes and new stickers. The stickers are accessed and sent by tapping the smiley icon inside the app. Meanwhile, updated version also has Auto-Advance Stories feature that helps the user to quickly catch up with his friends. When you are done with a story, the next one begins through auto-play. Just swipe to skip ahead, or pull down to exit.

Moreover, Snapchat just took over Bitstrips the Canadian start-up possibly to introduce Bitstrips’ strangely realistic-looking Bitmoji into its messaging services. It’s been presumed that the latest innovation of Snapchat Chat 2.0 will bring the company more users by giving a tough competition to its mammoth-size rivals including Facebook and WhatApp. From  phoning a friend to reading a news, everything can be done on Snapchat now, reports Vanity Fair.