The NASA’s International Space Station made its mind-boggling 100, 000th orbit around the Earth on Monday, May 16. ISS’ first module, which was launched on Nov. 20, 1998, completed one orbit approximately every 90 minutes.

This means astronauts can see 16 sunrises and sunsets every day. On account of this occasion, NASA intended to show what a day in space is like for an astronaut, notes Tech Crunch.

Thus, astronaut and Space Station commander Kim Kopra took to Snapchat to showcase the experience in the form of a Snapchat Live Story. Users can experience it through the three-lined icon on the bottom right of Snapchat’s main screen.

The videos show some beautiful images of Earth from above. Viewers also get to know the favorite food of astronauts. You can also see the obligatory floating water bubble swallowing trick performed by Kopra.

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A couple snaps are also featured in NASA’s “Day in Space” that showed Kopra eating tortillas. It is one of the favorite food of astronauts living and working on the Space Station. Astronauts prefer to eat tortillas as bread can be crumbly and hazardous in the weightlessness of the Station.

It appears that some of the videos were shot at least a week ago. In one of the snaps, Kopra was seen floating in front of a SpaceX Dragon capsule. For a month, it was attached to the Space Station until last week when it left the orbiting outpost. It carries cargo, trash and science experiments back to Earth.

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Similarly, the Cygnus, another private cargo ship, made an appearance. The Russian-built Soyuz spacecraft was shown by Kopra. He said that the spacecraft would carry him along with his fellow crew members back to Earth.

Mashable notes that the Dragon and Cygnus spacecrafts, the two privately built ships, carry cargo to the Space Station. These spacecraft works under a contract with NASA.