Sleepy Hollow Season 4 will not premiere until early next year. However, some fans are still reeling from the shocking death from the previous season finale. Virtually no one expected the show to kill off Abbie Mills like that. Will a new character really come in to replace her next season?

According to TV Line, Sleepy Hollow will introduce a new character called Anna next season. The TV blog describes the new character as a “raging supernatural skeptic [who has] a tough, take-charge personality, punctuated by a wry sense of humor… She’s a born leader, but she also has a softer, more caring side which she rarely shows.”

Her skepticism might just make her clash with the show’s returning leading man Ichabod Crane. However, Anna will reportedly be the show’s new female series regular. Producers have yet to find an actress to play this brand new character, though.

Meanwhile, Sleepy Hollow fans might have to say goodbye to more characters next season. In a separate report, TV Line confirmed the exits of actors Lance Gross and Jessica Camacho. Gross and Camacho played FBI boss Daniel Reynolds and agent Sophie Foster, respectively. Their departure from the series makes sense, though. Producers did confirm earlier that the show will move from New York to Washington, D.C. next season.

Most fans did not exactly expect the show to come back on air, though. Nicole Beharie’s exit from the show made some of them think the show’s cancellation is already on the horizon. Fox also earlier moved the show to the Friday night time slot. TV insiders widely consider this time slot the “limbo” shows all move to before their ultimate cancellation. However, the network still chose to renew the show for another installment. Will the rumored changes for Sleepy Hollow Season 4 do the show any good? Will this reported new character help the show get a fifth season? Only time will tell.

Sleepy Hollow Season 4 will air Friday nights beginning in early 2017.