Ikea, the company more popular for their retail furniture, has recently announced their latest innovation that technology and fitness lovers will love – a chainless bike called the Sladda bike.

Bicycles developing rust in its chain is not uncommon. According to Fox News, Ikea has, however, created a bicycle that will not rust and does not use a metal chain.

The “Sladda” bike uses a corrosion-resistant and oil-free drive belt instead of using a metal chain. The drive belt, according to the company, is created to endure 9, 320 miles. This is approximately two to three times longer than the normal metal chain used by regular bicycles. The bike comes with a “click system” that lets users  snap on a bag, a basket, a towing trailer or other accessories.

The Sladda bike can be used by both men and women as it comes in neutral colors.

Veryday partnered with Ikea in order to make Sladda more customisable when it comes to accessories. Oskar Juhlin, Veryday director of industrial design, said that it is possible to add endless accessories that will encourage ease of use of the bicycle.

The new drive belt may prove beneficial for people who take their bicycles with them in various weather conditions. Metal bike chains will rust in time especially when it comes in contact with salt that is left on the road. When rust remains on metal, it can negatively impact the chain’s usability and they cannot be removed easily.

Aside from Sladda eliminating metal chains, it also comes with automatic gears concealed in a sealed hub located at the back wheel, said Core77.

The latest innovation by Ikea has won a Red Dot Award in Essen, Germany. The award is a globally desired prize from Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen. The bike was also given the “Best of the Best 2016” award, which means that the product got the top prize in all categories.

The bike will be available for US$797 (AU$1,030) starting August.