Great news for those who are pining for some Skullgirls gameplay on their mobile! After being released in every other gaming platform, Skullgirls is finally coming to your mobile phones! Before it launches, here are 5 things you must know!

1. Both Android and iOS users will get to play.

Hidden Variable, the game developer for Skullgirls, has announced that it is currently developing a mobile app version of the game for both Android and iOs users. However…

2. …the Skullgirls mobile app is a big game.

According to Hidden Variable, the mobile app may need “a little bit of moxie.” Though it’s designed for mobile, lower-end devices might not be able to run it smoothly.

3. Role playing is the name of the game.

While Skullgirls is mainly a fighting game, Engadget has reported that the developers are adding more role-playing features that allow gamers to “collect, equip and upgrade” their characters. There will be new story lines and new characters coming to the app. Players can also discover unique fighting styles and develop new combos.

4. Play anytime, anywhere.

With its on-the-go access, you will now have the chance to play it whenever you want. Build your teams with new unique characters and equip them wherever you may be.

 5. Release date is slated for late this year.

While gamers may still have to wait for a few more months before the complete version of the game launches on app stores, you may sign up for its beta version to get a glimpse of the mobile game.

The fighting game Skullgirls first came to PC and console before making a mobile debut. Originally a fighting game, the mobile version will sport an RPG style of gaming. The Fight Assist feature will also be added to the Skullgirls gameplay, where a character from one’s team can be designated as a tactician.

“I think hardcore fans of the console game will really love the way we’ve captured the essence of fighting game play in a simpler, mobile-friendly package, whereas more casual fans will be able to enjoy an awesome accessible experience that explores new stories set in the Skullgirls universe,” Charley Price, co-founder and creative director at Hidden Variable Studio said in a press release.