The Academic Ranking of World Universities for 2016 has given top spots to six Australian universities, proving the nation as one of the best educational centers for students.

ARWU released the list of top 500 universities of the world on Monday, in which six universities have grabbed positions within the top 100 spot. Monash University and the University of Sydney were the newcomers on the top 100 list while Melbourne University, Western Australia University, Australian National University and Queensland University remained on the list.

The ranking regulator has been releasing the list at regular intervals, considering universities with Nobel Laureates, Highly Cited Researchers, Fields Medalists or the number of papers published in Nature or Science. ARWU provides ranking to more than 1000 universities. Out of them, the names of the top 500 universities are publicly released online.

The ARWU takes into consideration several parameters to determine the position of the universities in the world. Some of these factors include quality of education, research output, quality of faculty and per capita performance of an institution.

While in previous years of listing, the ranking regulator considered even other factors, this time in 2016, it focused on universities that have performed well in the research sector.

“The ARWU is noted for the stability of its methodology, which means that normally, unless an institution won a Nobel Prize or recruited a large number of Highly Cited Researchers, large movements did not occur,“ University of WA’s Associate Director for performance analytics Natalie Mast said.

“The main driver of movement this year has been a change in the methodology used to determine highly cited research criteria,” she said as quoted by The Conversation. “Previously, ARWU utilized both the old and the new highly cited researcher lists, and this is the first year that only the new list was used.”

Australian Universities Ranking on the Shanghai Ranking list:

  • 40 – The University of Melbourne
  • 55 – The University of Queensland
  • 77 – Australian National University
  • 79 – Monash University
  • 82 – University of Sydney
  • 96 – The University of Western Australia