A single mother of four children finds out that she does not have sufficient balance in her food stamps. How her fellow shoppers react is sure to bring you sheer joy.

The video which was posted back in 2012 has touched millions of hearts since then. It has attracted more than thirteen million hits with viewers leaving heart-warming remarks at the end. “Awesome people there are, what comes around goes around,” one of the viewers has written.  “These people, I hope they had children, I sincerely do. Total assets to the world. You helping them is contagious,” comments another. Meanwhile, some also think that American should do more for the people who are in dire need of help.

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Shot in New Jersey, the video shows how fellow shoppers did not even think twice before helping and came to the rescue of a mother in need. It is seen in the video that shoppers have pushed their way through the line to the cash counter to help.

The reactions of the customers, who were interviewed by John Quiñones after their actions were shot, definitely hold back faith in humanity. A veteran lady when asked why she chose to help said, “we are here to help, to make a difference in the world” and it shouldn’t matter what kind of a help it is. As long as one gets to help, he/she should always. In another instance, a guy’s answers as to why he chose to ignore the crying mother for help, is sure to break your heart. The shoppers realize that there a lot of people out there who are having a tough time and those needed to be helped.

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After watching the video, it seems that some have shared the same plight before, which restricted them from hesitating to extend their helping hand. See the video yourself to learn how everyone deserves a chance.