A survey showed that Singapore is Asia’s best city for expatriates. The survey included 230 cities across the world. It placed personal safety as one of the key factors  in determining expat quality of living.

The survey conducted by Mercer showed that European cities continue to offer some of the “world’s highest quality of living” despite of the current social unrest, security issues and concerns about the region’s economic position.

In Southeast Asia, Singapore beats some major cities in Asia, including Tokyo and Hong Kong. The personal safety factor is decided on the basis of internal stability, crime figures, performance of local law enforcement, and home country’s relationship with other countries.

According to Asian Correspondent the surge in terrorist activities across the world led the survey to focus on security situation in different cities. Singapore came out to be the safest city in Asia.

Singapore placed at 8th spot globally in the personal safety factor. Singapore is followed by Japanese cities- Kobe, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo, and Yokohama. These cities have a tie and placed in the 32nd position worldwide. Other key cities are Hong Kong (37), Taipei (78), Beijing (97), Seoul (115), New Delhi (142), and Jakarta (172).

Singapore is ranked in the 26th position as regard quality of living. Dhaka is placed at the lowest as it ranks 214 in the quality of living measure. Recently, there were reports that Dhaka was flooded with climate change refugees. These people are residing there in worst living conditions.

Because of political unrest and terrorist attacks Bangkok  is ranked 173rd for personal safety.

According to the survey New Zealand and Australia has some of the best quality of living. Auckland ranks 3, Sidney 10th, Wellington 12th and Sidney is placed 15th position worldwide. For personal safety factor Auckland and Wellington shared 9th place. The 25th placed is jointly shared by Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sidney.