Simmers all over the world, or at least those updated on the game’s social media channels, got the first glimpse of the next update. It came in the form of a GIF which mimics image activity from a heart rate monitor. This pushed many to ask if the next update is a hospital, or better yet, pregnant sims. We try to gather clues on the next Sims FreePlay update release.

One of the most requested features in the game is a hospital in Sim Town. Consequently, EA and The Sims FreePlay devs have been known to grant these requests so long as they are possible.

The first teaser for the next update gained a lot of hype on FreePlay’s Facebook page alone. Out of the many guesses and hopes, a new hospital and pregnancy are the top contenders.

Sims FreePlay update release

Pregnant sims

Unlike The Sims games for PC, a noticeable difference with FreePlay is the way babies are added. While Sims in the PC versions can conceive and have baby bumps, FreePlay only allows buying a crib and adding a baby from there.

With the new teaser, many Simmers hoped that the game will finally bring baby bumps. However, despite a number of hopefuls, many were also quick to debunk this guess. According to one Facebook user, pregnant sims won’t happen in FreePlay ever due to the platform’s limitations. Memory allocated for one sim alone takes up hefty memory space.

Hence, many argue that it’s practically impossible for FreePlay to incorporate pregnancy.


Another guess, and one that’s more likely, is a hospital. The Sims FreePlay’s latest post also says “Patients, dear simmers” instead of “patience”.

The biggest possibility as of the moment is it could be another third workplace and part of the professions update.

Though many expressed disappointment on the two succeeding professions update, it’s important to note that devs plan updates months ahead. Hence, regardless of gamers’ reception, their timeline could’ve involved three (or more) professions update in a row.

First clue pointing to this is the recent events to grace the game are all repeats. Many speculated that EA is busy working in opening up all the professions before adding any new update.

A second clue involves a comment from TSF’s Facebook account. When one user said they hope the next update isn’t a professions one, FreePlay explained that their updates are planned weeks/months ahead. Consequently, the account explained that though professions appear to be the theme now, more new content awaits users in the future.

What do you think could be the next Sims FreePlay update? Share your thoughts in the comments!