“Sims FreePlay” just released their newest update: Police, for Android and iOS devices. As the title of the update, this new addition to “Sims FreePlay” focuses on being under the police department.

As per Sims Community, there’s a whole new gameplay to be experienced by gamers as they start the professions gameplay mode. Players will be able to start their Sims life with a new career.

The player starts out as a small-time cop just merely taking down notes as he works his way up. The goal of the game is to get yourself promoted to higher positions. Keeping it the way Sims gameplay is about, the end-result will not be the same for everyone. A player may end up as the Chief of Police or may as well be the Paranormal Investigator, or even head of the Forensics department.

If catching bad guys isn’t the player’s type of profession, fret not, as this update allows players to have professions in the peripheries of a police department. The player may opt to become the head of a social gossip squad interviewing people around looking for fresh news or even be under the S.T.U or the Special Toddlers Unit.

Players can even start up their own Police Station keeping the Sim Town safe. Collect more coins and the player may even add more gear to the police station: a jail cell, a forensics lab, a K-9 area, and many more.

The official trailer of this new update showed the different professions the player may take. Other professions not mentioned above include: “Overworked & Underpaid Detective” and “Suave Sketch Artist”.

To top it all off, what makes the Police profession different from other jobs in “Sims FreePlay” is that players can now visit the workplace and control their sims to do work-related actions.

The update is now available for download. Watch the new “Sims FreePlay” Police Update trailer here.