The Sims FreePlay movie studio update is finally here! If you’ve been very excited with what the update is about, we give you a quick guide on this new aspect of the game.

First of all, if you’ve been dedicated with accompanying your Sims to work at the Police Station, then exploring the Movie Studio should be easy for you. Second, if you already have Sims working as Actors, the levels they’ve covered so far will be reflected on the update.

As for this writer, a Sim who previously reached Level 5 in the Actor career is now dubbed as an Assistant. There are now 10 levels for this updated career.

Sims FreePlay Movie Studio Update

Whereas before sending your Actor sims to work is simple as clicking on the brief case icon, a message prompt will now appear. You have the following 3 options when you send an Actor sim to work:

1. Accompany Sim
2. Send Alone
3. Work Off-Site

For the purpose of this article, this writer chose the Accompany Sim option. Once you do that, the game will bring you to the movie studio. We list down the things you should know about the workplace.

1. How many Sims can work as Actors?

Like the Police profession, you can have as many Sims working at the movie studio. However, only two Actor sims can perform tasks. Hence, if you want to send a third Actor sim to work, your only option is to send him or her to Work Off-Site.

2. How long is an Actor sim’s workday?

Before, a Level 5 Actor sim only has to complete 5 hours of work. Now, however, they need to accomplish 8 working hours.

3. Resources

You need to earn popcorns, coffee, and 3D glasses at the movie studio. Every person you help at the studio gives you one of the mentioned resources, plus movie coins. Once you unlock more places at the studio, additional resources are also unlocked. These include movie tickets, ledgers, trophies, film rolls and clappers.

4. Storage

Your initial storage room is only good for 600 resources. You need to pay movie coins to increase your storage.

Movie business

5. Places to Unlock

When you start the career, 3 places are already available.
Catering Area
Security Booth
Golf Cart.

Once you level up to a Director, you can start unlocking the following:

Costume Department
Hair & Makeup Department
Stunt Set
Director’s Trailer

On the other hand, if you choose to level up as a Performer, you can unlock these:

Audition Room
Voice-Over Booth
Film Set
A-List Celebrity Trailer

6. Tasks and Times

An Actor sim should help 15 sims to complete a work day. Nevertheless, number of tasks will vary per sim. However, initial tasks go on as follows:

Provide Escort (Golf Cart) for 10 minutes
Provide Food (Catering Area) for 5 minutes
Verify ID Badge (Security Booth) for 2 minutes

Consequently, once you complete all tasks for one sim, you earn the reward indicated at the bubble.

What do you think of the new Sims FreePlay movie studio update? Share your experience!