After three consecutive professions updates that did not sit well with many Simmers, the much-awaited Sims FreePlay Halloween update 2016 is here. We try to list down everything you need to know regarding this latest update.

As of this writing, the update is already available for download for Android and iOS devices. However, a quick look at the game’s Facebook page suggests that not everyone can access the game yet. Hence, some gamers would have to wait awhile before they can access the update.

In addition, some who were able to download the update suggest that they did not get anything after updating. This could be a glitch. However, ths could also mean that there’s a waiting period before everything drops.

Below is a list of what to expect from this update, via the Google Play Store.

1. New stuff, new feature!

It appears that Simmers will get new furniture and new outfits from this update. As the description from the Play Store suggests, the clothing will be free. However, players may have to earn the furniture just like how they did the Urban Furniture Event.

To do this, players should appoint Sims and make them do the Woodworking Hobby to complete the collection again.

Meanwhile, the new feature ties with Professions. Dubbed as the SimTown Market, the feature allows players to earn stuff. This could be new, but some are those players missed on out before.

As of this writing, clicking on the bulletin board for SimTown Market says “No Active Event”. Hence, check back with this article in case that changes.

2. Day Spa’s return!

Simmers who missed on the Day Spa Community event or those weren’t able to complete it will have a second chance at doing it. The update includes the return of the event.

3. Night of the Candy Monsters Quest

New players who weren’t around for last year’s Halloween will get a chance to participate in the event. The quest last year is the same this year. If you want to get ahead of the quest, you can check out the ever reliable The Girl Who Games here.

Curious about the Sims FreePlay Halloween update 2016? Check back for more updates as they come.