The best moment in life comes when you decide to tie a knot with a person whom you love. A marital life is definitely one of the most coveted phase in one’s life. But even a slightest loss of trust may unfortunately lead to marital dispute or even divorce in some cases.

It’s impossible to imagine a trouble-free life and for this very reason even marital relationship can’t stay afloat from complications. But a few of the post marital troubles can definitely be avoided if the couples sort out the complicated matters well before taking the wedding vows. This not only ensures a happy marriage but will also strengthen the bond between the bride and groom too.

Things to Consider before the Wedding Bells

Readiness for Parenthood: The possibility of having children in the future differentiates the whole concept of dating and marriage. It is necessary for the couple to talk about it before the marriage.  They should also identify the right time to enjoy parenthood – maybe after a couple of years and not right away. 

Career Goals: Discussing each other’s career goals is another major facet of the union that must be mulled over before the actual marriage. Everyone has career goals but it’s of vital importance for soon-to-be married partners to know how much time they can dedicate towards each other after tying the nuptial knot.

Love or Lust: In a romantic relationship, it is important to make sure what you really feel for your partner.  You must be able to distinguish if the person you are with is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with or is it just merely but a physical attraction you may have towards the other person. There is a minuscule difference between love and lust. So before taking the marriage vows, both partners need to realize their real and actual feelings for each other.

Spending Habits: It definitely feels awkward when each partner is having a different perspective about spending and saving for the future. You must know about the spending habit of your partner before tying the nuptial knot so as to avoid future conflicts. A marriage means working as a team; partners must have have the same idea or at least they are at the same page when talking about finances.

Family Obligations: In a marriage, it is important to determine whether the husband or wife is ready to dedicate a considerable amount of time for themselves and their children.  Similarly, it is equally important that both partners should be respectful towards each other’s parents and other relatives.

And if you are living with any of your extended family then ensure that both of you will have to take every necessary step towards mitigating future marital conflicts that may arise due to it. Every couple must know about each other’s preference for nucleus or joint family before you marry.

Some Other Vital Questions: There should be utmost sincerity about disclosing each other’s personal details and view points about life before the nuptial. This kind of disclosure must also include previous relationship or break-ups and the details and status of it. If your partner is addicted to some substance or beverage, then you must be well aware about it as well.

Finally, if both of you wish to carry on with your job after marriage, then it must be decided mutually in a freewheeling chat who will look after the children and house affairs and to what extent.