Two siblings kept their brother confined in a cage in Dos Hermanas outside Seville. Spanish police said that they had arrested two people who were keeping their 59-year-old brother in inhuman conditions.

Police stated that the man suffers from mental illness and was held in a deplorable place, chained and caged like a wild animal for almost 20 years.

The strange discovery was made when an anonymous person tipped the police.  The authorities arrested the man’s 76-year-old brother and 61-year-old sister for unlawfully locking up their brother.

Spanish National Police said, “once inside the home, they saw a door at the end of a corridor closed with a chain… And padlock”.

Inside they noticed that the barricaded door leads to a dilapidated staircase; and the stairs led them to the cell.

The New Daily reported that the man was kept in a three-meter pigeon coop.  It was a dovecote which is a structure designed for only pigeons and doves. His brother and sister stayed in a house adjoining the cell.

Police stated, “His health and cleanliness were deplorable and the state of the place was completely unsanitary … without access to running water or toilets”.

His sister who stays in the same house claimed that she took good care of the man and also fed and cleaned him, added the Business Standard.

The man attended his last medical check up in 1996. And this led Police to conclude that the man was in that cage from that time onwards.

The brother said that they kept the man in the cage due to his mental insanity.

Police on the other hand speculated that the siblings kept him in the cage and spent his pension.

When the man disappeared the neighbours enquired about him. However, they were told that he was in a hospital, reported

It was reported that the sick man is now being treated in a hospital and the siblings were arrested by the police.